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For years, patients have depended on Mr. Mitry to provide this sight saving service. He offers retinal care and other specialised options to anyone in need of an Ophthalmologist they can trust.

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Mr Mitry is a vitreo-retinal surgeon with extensive sub-specialised training and experience. He is the lead retinal consultant at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead and at Chase Farm Hospital, in the borough of Enfield. Retinal surgery is performed for a range of conditions such as floaters, epiretinal membrane, macular hole and retinal detachment. Mr Mitry will discuss all the available treatment options tailored to your needs.

Mr. Mitry discusses why might you need a retinal surgeon and what conditions are treated by a retinal surgeon.

Mr. Mitry outlines some of the infrequent risks of vitrectomy surgery

What to expect after a vitrectomy

Additional information

Information leaflet for Retinal detachment surgery

Information leaflet for Epiretinal membrane surgery

Information leaflet for Vitrectomy surgery

Information leaflet for flashes and floaters

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